Royal Doulton Biscuit Barrels


Biscuit barrels were manufactured in a grand scale at both Lambeth and Burslem.  Renowned artists, such as Frank Butler, and Hannah Barlow, and her sister, Florence, worked on the biscuit barrels.  Hannah Barlow worked on incised cattle, sheep, horses or goats heightened with staining.  While Florence Barlow focused on pate-sure-pate painting, whereby layers of pigment are enhanced with the use of brush strokes; often used for the depiction of birds.  Frank Butler applied beading and incised foliage scrolling to panels and later adopted an Art Nouveau style.

Earthenware biscuit barrels were made in all shapes and sizes at the Burslem factory and in using various techniques. Twin handled (known as ‘Margot’ to the trade) series ware biscuit barrels depicting Dickens characters.  Even biscuit caskets made to resemble chests of drawers and depicting nursery rhymes commissioned by Huntley & Palmer (after 1903) were manufactured by Royal Doulton.

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