How To Date Royal Doulton Dickens Figures


Miniature figurines of Charles Dickens characters were produced by Royal Doulton between 1922 and 1983 and during this time there have been variations in ceramic bodies, size and backstamps.  In 1922 sixteen miniature bone china Dickens figures were introduced to the HN collection, based Leslie Harradine’s earlier stoneware models.  In 1932 these were renumbered as miniatures M41-M56 and in 1939 the collection grew to eighteen figures as the Bumble M76 and Cap ‘n Cuttle M77 figures were introduced.  These pre-ware figures carry the old ‘Doulton’ or ‘Doulton England’ earlier backstamp.

The collection was briefly withdrawn in 1949 and then re-introduced in a slightly larger size with a deeper base and no identification numbers.  The collection also grew to 24, as six more characters were introduced.  The Royal Doulton ‘Lion and Crown’ bone china backstamp was used on all figures of this period.  When the ‘bone china’ is blocked out of the backstamp, it means the figure was made of English Translucent China, which was first introduced in 1959.

In 1968, saw the figures once again increasing in size when the clay body was changed from china to earthenware.  All 24 figures were produced in earthenware and were withdrawn between 1981 and 1983.  In 1994 Pascoe and Company commissioned a limited edition figure of Charles Dickens himself, making a final total of 25 figures in the collection.

The table below will help with dating your Royal Doulton Dickens figures and if you have any other questions please visit

Alfred Jingle  M 52  1922-1981  Pickwick Papers
 Artful Dodger  M 55  1922-1983  Oliver Twist
 Bill Sykes  M 54  1922-1981  Oliver Twist
 Bumble  M 76 1939-1982  Oliver Twist
 Buz Fuz  M 53 1922-1983  Pickwick Papers
 Cap’n Cuttle  M 77  1939-1982  Dombey & Sons
 David Copperfield  M 88  1949-1983  David Copperfield
 Dick Swiveller  M 90  1949-1983  The Old Curiosity Shop
 Fagin  M 49  1922-1983   Oliver Twist
 Fat Boy  M 44  1922-1983  Pickwick Papers
 Little Nell M 51  1922-1983  The Old Curiosity Shop
 Mr Micawber M 42  1922-1983  David Copperfield
 Mr Pickwick  M 41  1922-1983  Pickwick Papers
 Mrs Bardell  M 86  1949-1982  Pickwick Papers
 Oliver Twist  M 89  1949-1983   Oliver Twist
 Pecksniff   M 43   1922-1982  Martin Chuzzelwitt
 Sairey Gamp  M 46  1922-1983  Martin Chuzzelwitt
 Sam Weller  M 48  1922-1981  Pickwick Papers
 Scrooge  M 87  1949-1982  A Christmas Carol
 Stiggins  M 50  1922-1981  Pickwick Papers
 Tiny Tim  M 56  1922-1981  A Christmas Carol
 Tony Weller  M 47  1922-1981  Pickwick Papers
 Trotty Veck  M 91  1949-1982  The Chimes
Uriah Heep  M 45  1922-1983  David Copperfield