I have a passion for Royal Doulton ceramics and I constantly strive to gain more knowledge. I live for the hunt and chase for that elusive piece. This blog and my website afford me the opportunity to share my passion with other likeminded individuals.
For more information about Royal Doulton please visit my website.


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  1. I purchased “The McCallum” jug a couple of years ago. It does not have Royal Doulton stamp on the bottom, it has something that starts with a “D” but the rest is not decipherable. It has what looks like “WADE” and “made in England” and also “hand painted”. There is also an “R” and a “C” on the bottom as well. Could it be a prototype? I can’t find any information on the marks. Can you help?


  2. I have a 6.5″ Royal Doulton Character Jug “Simon the Cellarer”. it has the A mark with the lion on the crown; made in England; the interlocking D’s inside of the Royal Doulton England; BUT underneath that are 2 red initials painted B F. I can’t find any information on what the B F is for but it may be the actual person who painted the jug??? Any ideas:

  3. I have found this unusual piece of royal doulton but can find no information about it. Can you help please? It is pale yellow with four, what can only be described as lumps. There are several holes in it that could be used for pencils maybe. Many thanks dan.

  4. Hi,

    My father had a christening cup made for him by the doultons when he was born in the 1920s as his family were friends with them. Do you know if there are many of these types in circulation? If you can help it would be wonderful please as I can no longer ask him.



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